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Ms. Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler grew up in a family that had a deep love of good food. They had been very lucky to have this kind lady cooking for their family daily, except on weekends. Her father Alfonso, was mostly away on weekdays for business, but would come home on the weekends. On Saturdays he would then take them for visits to the botanical gardens and parades and dinners. Most Sundays after everyone came back from church, and after eating lunch her father would rest for few hours. After his respite he would go to the market to buy special ingredients for his best recipes. When he came home, he would cook, and when he was finished everyone would change into their best outfits.  The whole family would sit down at the dining table, eat their sumptuously prepared dinner, and would exchange stories. Conversations abound and were mostly about what every family member had done for the past week. It was a fun, pleasant weekly exchange and a reunion for all.

So when Ms. Cressler moved away, to a different location, she missed the good food and the whole dining experience surrounding it. She decided then to open restaurants and would request the chef for the food that she had been accustomed to, from her childhood. Ms. Cressler started experimenting with cooking through flavoring, which she mastered. And you can find some of these recipes in this book. Due to the first cookbook originally made in Hawaii some of the recipes have this distinct Hawaiian flair. When Ms. Cressler has guests who come for her dinners, countless hours are spent in preparing her meals serving special foods with this personal touch for her guests to truly enjoy and appreciate their distinction.

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Gloria Consolacion Tamayo Cressler


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In spite of her busy schedule, she always found the time to go to her restaurant and help the Chefs especially when there were big events. Ms. Cressler made sure that the food served to her clients always contained her special "flair" with timeless recipes prepared by her guiding imagination. She travels throughout the world to bring this distinct "Cosmopolitan" flavor to traditional recipes. She has terrific new ideas for additional recipe books, and two books are in the works.


Ms. Cressler is writing this book for her great love for charity. At a very young age her father taught her "that we are our brother’s keeper", and since we are lucky to receive great blessings from God, by getting good health and having a better life.  He strongly felt that, we should all share some of our blessings with others (especially the less fortunate). Since then, whatever money Ms. Cressler received she always set aside a portion of her proceeds, and gave to different charities. So now, for every book sold she will donate a percentage of the proceeds to different veterans and children’s charitable organizations, and she also help with many Charity Events. 

Ms. Gloria T. Cressler is a Philanthropist, Author, Business Coach, President/Founder of Elite Professional Networking Group, (A P.R and High End Event Producer Company), she is the Editor/Host/Producer of Black Tie International Magazine and TV, Member of United Nations Association, United Nations Foundation, United Nations Women Association, Over 40 Female Executive, Association of Greek American Professional, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Ambassador Power Team International. Also an Art Curator & Art Dealer.

She teaches how to collect Art for investment and how to build your private collections. Her clients are Diplomats, DOctors, Lawyers, Businessmen, President & CEO's of companies and even children.

​​To get in touch with her, call (212) 613-6210, email her to or contact via this Webpage.