Lady blue oil on 24x36 board $ 3500                                                     
October oil on 18x36 canvas $ 2200
Jumper acrylic and oil on 24x36 canvas$4,500
A view to remember golf 18x36 oil on canvas $ 3,500.
The lake oil on 18x36 canvas $ 3,500.00

Three birds 24x36 oil on canvas $ 4,500.00
Stormy beach oil on 20x30 canvas $ 3,500.00
Adirondack 24 x 36 oil on canvas $ 3,500.00
Tree of love 24 x 36 oil on canvas 4,500

Competition 36x24 Oil on canvas $ 2,5000.00 
Carrousel 18x22Oil on Canvas $ 1,500.00

Night time at grand central 30 x30 oil on canvas $ 5,500.00
Grand central early morning 24x36 oil on canvas $6,850.00

This are all original paintings, BUT we can make limited editions on canvas or print on paper according to your needs. 

Red umbrella Acrylic and oil on 40 x 36 canvas & 7,500.00
Radio days oil on canvas 30x30 $6,500.00
Bryant park and the Empire 40x36 acrylic and oil on canvas $ 7500.00
3 yellow cabs & Hard Rock Cafe at Times Square oil on 30 x 40 canvas $ 4,500.00
Brooklyn oil on 28x22 canvas $ 3,500.00









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Wesselman Tom


"Everything  you can imagine is real." 

 Pablo Picasso

The colorful and compelling paintings of Argentine-American artist Juan Fernando Silva have the power to translate the impressionist point of view into current daily life. In his oil and acrylic on canvas paintings, Silva captures the inherent beauty and wonder that can be found in the everyday within larger-than-life images vibrant with color and distinguished by dynamic compositional elements and forms. Impressionist techniques and broad brushstrokes are a hallmark of Silva’s work, lending textural components to the overall effect. What results are expressionistic images that reveal and celebrate the rich range of emotions and subtleties of expression that underlie the simplest of moments in city life.
Silva immigrated to New York in 2004 in search of new opportunities, and it is here that he discovered his own artistic abilities. As a self-taught artist, he pursued an impressionistic style of painting, inspired by the work of Van Gogh as much as by the energy, cityscapes, and people of New York City. Each painting focuses on the beauty found in everyday life around the city: the contrasting colors, varying textures, and frenetic energy and rhythms that have come to define city life over the past decades. His work is centered on random moments caught on canvas, those moments that define our humanity and connect us to the world in a very spiritual way.
Silva’s greatest hope for his art is that it transcends the visual realm and becomes something much deeper and more meaningful for the viewer. As he explains, “I would like it to touch the spiritual side of the people and connect with them, taking them into those fragile and elusive moments” that pervade the conscious life of every human.
Artist Juan Fernando Silva (but he want to be called Fernando) draws his inspiration from impressionist styles of Van Gogh, As a contemporary artist, He captures the vibrancy of New York in every unique way. Portraying with elegant simplicity New York's everyday life through the eyes of a modern day impressionist. 
Art Collectors of Fernando starts with Mr. Sam Ramic President & CEO of WINE WIDE WORLD INC. and International Wine Masters that host the International Wine & Food Festival a 3 day event at Mohonk House (Castle) in Upstate New York  attended by 700 WINE & FOOD PRODUCERS and MICHELIN CHEFS from all over the World headed by Marta Stewart. And this happens every year on the last 3 days weekend in May. Mr. Romano Baruzzi Deputy Trade Commissioner of Italy. Sabina Klimek Trade Commissioner of Poland, Emmy Award Winner Anchor Rita Cosby of CBS TV & WABC Radio, Nina Smiley PH.D. Director of Marketing Mohonk Mountain House (Castle), 
International award singer & PBS TV host Cristina Fontanelli, International Opera Singer and President of Brain Upgrade Company Paula Oleska, Award Winning Producer, Director, Writer Dean Love of (LIFE IN MARS, FBI FILE, QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 1ST THE VIRGIN QUEEN) and many other movies. Mr.Bill Walsh CEO/Founder Power Team International, Mr. Kenneth McClure Senior Vice President of Hospitality Holdings. Hospitality Holdings owns 9 High end Establishments in New York City. Mr. Mark Jaffe President of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Gerard McKeon Publisher of Black Tie International Magazine.   Fernando has more collectors than the names that are   mention here we will  include them the next time. 
Fernando is represented by Ms. Cressler the President/Founder of Elite Professional Networking Group with clients that include Famous Designer Giorgio GUCCI, Famous Actress Olympia Dukakis, Manhattan Motor Cars (dealership for Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Spyker & Porsche) Trump Tower, International Wine Masters and many more. Ms. Cressler is also the International & Host of Black Tie International Magazine & TV and also the Host of Fabulous Cooking with QueenGlori. To learn more and acquire Fernando's paintings

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 City is called the Modern Van Gogh 


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ARTIST JUAN FERNANDO SILVA  of New York City is called the Modern Van Gogh 

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