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Egg Roll Shanghai Beef 


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"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

                                                                                  Virginia Woolf 

Gloria T. Cressler

We thank all our good friends and families who donated their time and efforts to send us their families’ recipes. And we also thank our cookbook collectors in advance with helping us support and help different charities. If you want to share your recipes for our next cookbook, you can email them to us at gloriascollection@aol.com or gloria@blacktiemagazine.com, 
tel. (212) 613 6210, or contact us via this Webpage.
Due to the first book produced in Honolulu, Hawaii some of the recipes will have a Hawaiian flair. The recipes had been written with simple instructions, short cuts, and some for easy preparation and cooking. Most of the recipes are cooked through, with practical judgments of mastering food combinations, and flavoring to suit one’s taste, and not too much on measuring. Some ingredients have been substituted so you can find them in your supermarkets, But still have the natural flavor.  Your friends and family will love the innovative and unique taste. 

The recipes collected on the book are made by experimenting in my restaurants, my home and given from members of my family and friends from home & all over the United States, and all over the world. Some of them I met from my travels throughout Asia, Europe and Dubai over the years. The recipes shared came to us from families from all over, a multitude of generations. These special recipes are heartfelt, and given as a gift of love for food to share their families’ recipes with you. 

Our Fabulous Cookbook

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Our book is a different collection of 149 fabulous European, Asian and American recipes with a flair of Hawaii and also vegetarian and low calories recipes. 

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We donate 10% of the proceeds to different veteran charity organizations and children charity organizations.

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Paella - Spanish Fried Rise


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Brazos De La Reyna


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